Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!

Official Class Parent Duties

A Class Parent is a representative of the HHSA and a liaison for communication between the HHSA and parents. Your primary goals are to help each family at HPS feel connected to the school community, to support and build a community within the classroom as well as play an active role in HHSA activities. Class Parents are called upon by the teachers to help with classroom events, parties and on occasion class trips.

Each class has 2 Class Parents, selected randomly by the Head Class Parent, who is a member of the HHSA Executive Board. Ideally a parent should not be a Class Parent for more than one class at the same time.

Class Parents are required to:

  • Be a HHSA Member
  • Attend 3 or more HHSA meetings per year
  • Volunteer for 1 or more HHSA events

Class Parents are responsible for:

  • Collecting parent emails and contact information and submit final class contact list to HHSA
  • Emailing ad-hoc communications directly to your class, as directed by the HHSA
  • Coordinating grade specific supported annual HHSA or school events
  • Encouraging parents to become HHSA Members 
  • Ensuring that parents pay annual Class Dues (now payable online at www.haworthhsa.com) and budgeting those class dues!


Class Dues Budget

The class dues budget is around $750 (assuming ~ 15 students/class).

Suggested breakdown:

  • $150 gift card for teacher’s Holiday gift
  • $50 gift card for teacher’s aide Holiday gift
  • $150 gift card for teacher’s end of year gift
  • $50 gift card for teacher’s aide end of year gift
  • $100 for HHSA gala event basket
  • $75 for Teacher appreciation week basket (end of year)

Class parties (Halloween, Holiday and end of year parties)

Items are usually donated by parents. Take advantage of apps such as sign up genius!

Examples: Veggie platter, fruit, chips and salsa, mini waters, plates, napkins, plastic utensils, table cloths

Pizza is usually covered by class funds.

*These are just snack suggestions, please keep allergies in your class in mind.

NJSLA testing days (April/May): snacks such as pretzels, tortilla chips, gold fish crackers, mini water bottles

Field Day (June): Ice pops

School events and hosts:

Family Bingo – 1st grade parents
Art Show – 3rd grade
Book Fair night – 4th grade parents
Lead Graduation Breakfast – 5th grade parents Bridge to Middle School – 6th grade parents

*Any funds not used by the end of the year can be used for an end of year gift to students in the younger grades. Starting in 4th/5th grades, extra funds will be saved by Class Parents to add to your Class Graduation Funds. Please note that 8th grade graduation expenses are over $12,000.