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The Haworth Drama Club needs YOU for 

34 amazing roles, including:

Elle Woods: She may seem like a typical blonde California party girl, but this kind, hardworking, tenacious girl is out to prove that she's so much more!

Warner Huntington III: The good looking, smart, but shallow guy who breaks Elle's heart to pursue a more serious life at Harvard Law.

Professor Callahan: Charismatic, pompous, and manipulative, he's the most feared professor at Harvard Law School.  

Vivian Kensington: An overachieving, stuck-up, wealthy, smart and savvy law student who feels very threatened by Elle's presence at Harvard. 

Emmett Forrest: Ansmart, quirky, sensitive law student who takes Elle under his wing and believes in her when it seems that no one else does. 

Paulette Buonofuonte: A salon owner who becomes friends with Elle and the two of them help each other achieve their dreams.

Kyle the UPS Guy: The smooth talking delivery man who brings packages (and humor!) to Paulette's salon.

Brooke Wyndham: The former sorority girl and famous fitness guru on trial for killing her husband.


And so many more!  There are great opportunities for all students! 

Register Today:  www.jccotp.org/shows


For more information, please contact Allyson Carolan at 201.408.1495 acarolan@jccotp.org

or Karen Loewy & Joana Penna, Haworth Drama Club Chairs.


Omigod You Guys! Haworth Drama Club has a whole new program for 5th-8th graders!

In collaboration with the JCC on the Palisades Performing Arts Department,

the HHSA is excited to present.

We knew you were Serious when you told us What You Want(ed) in your middle school musical. This program has been Whipped Into Shape and we think you're going to like it So Much Better!

Okay, enough with the Legally Blonde song references! We are very excited to introduce a new program for our middle schoolers. This year, we will be working with the incredible performing arts staff from the JCC on the Palisades to provice our 5th-8th graders with an engaging, fun opportunity to perform an age appropriate musical with their friends.

We'd love to see strong registration from the start. But, most importantly, if your kid is even the tiniest bit curious or interested, we hope they will come to the welcome meeting on Monday, February 3rd. In the meantime, we highly recommend listening to the soundtrack to get a sense of how funny and snarky this show is.

Registration fee is $250. Register here!

Important dates:

Monday, February 3rd, 3:00pm - Welcome Meeting

Friday, February 7th, 3:00pm - Auditions

Mondays and Fridays, February 7th - April 15th, 3:00-5:00pm - Rehearsals

Thursday, April 16th, 7:00pm - SHOWTIME!

Saturday, April 18th, 3:00pm - SHOWTIME!

See flyer here




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