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Below you will find important information about the program including enrollment guidelines and admission policies.

Please take a few moments to carefully review the policies with your child/ren. With your full cooperation we can ensure that the FALL Enrichment program is a success for all involved.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the program, please contact Tina Stratton at or 201-450-6308.



9 WEEKS of classes for $180.

Classes start at 3:05pm and end at 4:05pm prompt.

Mondays:  Nov 26th - Feb 11th (no class 12/24, 12/31, 1/21)
Fridays: Nov 30th - Feb 8th (no class 12/21, 12/28)


Enrollment Information

Admissions The After-School Enrichment Program is brought to you by the HHSA.

To enroll in the after-school enrichment program you must become a member of the HHSA.

Children must be enrolled in the Haworth Public School.

Children must be in the grade level designated for the desired course.

Class sizes are limited and classes are filled on a first-come, first served basis.

Classes are subject to cancellation due to insufficient enrollment. Please ensure to select a 2nd choice class at time of registration (see note below).


Registration and payment for the Enrichment Program is online ONLY – no paper enrollment will be accepted. If you have not yet setup an account on the HHSA website, follow the directions online to create an account, purchase your HHSA Membership, and then proceed to register and make payment for the enrichment program.   Remember that registration is not complete until payment is made - if you leave the page before paying, your child will not be registered, and the spot will remain available to the next child.


2nd Choice Class   

In order to ensure that your child is placed in a class of his/her choice, we are encouraging you to make a 2nd choice class selection AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION by using the dropdown options. If we are required to cancel his/her 1st Choice class – due to lack of enrollment - then your child/ren will automatically be placed into their 2nd Choice class.



Refunds will only be made if a class is cancelled due to lack of enrollment, and if we are unable to place your child/ren into his/her 2nd Choice Class.   Choose your classes carefully since there will be no other opportunity for a refund. No refunds will be given for student illness, student withdrawal for personal reason, expulsion due to behavior problems, or class cancellation due to inclement weather.


School Nurse

Please be aware the School Nurse is unavailable during the Enrichment Program. If your child has health issues that require medication, a parent will have to be in attendance to administer any medication. If your child has a need of an Epi Pen, it must be sent with child, in case of emergency. There is no access to School Nurse’s office after 3:00pm.



Class Times:

All classes begin at 3:05 pm. Students in Kindergarten will be escorted from their regular classroom to their enrichment classes. You do not need to come to school at 3:00pm. All other students will go directly to their enrichment class unescorted.

Absentee Policy

If you child is taken out of school early or will not be staying for the Enrichment Class, please send a note for your child’s classroom teacher to put into the office for the Enrichment Instructor. This will assist us when we take attendance at the start of the Enrichment class. In addition, if you sign your child out early due to sickness, you child CANNOT return to school for the Enrichment class. If you decide last minute to collect your child from school at regular dismissal time, kindly inform the front office so we can notify the Enrichment instructors.

Pick Up

All Classes end at 4:05pm. Students are to be promptly picked up from the Multi-Purpose room doors at the back of the school. The instructors will escort their classes to the Multi-Purpose Room exterior doors and sign them over to you. The Enrichment Program staff is not responsible for supervising children not promptly claimed after Enrichment classes unless your child is currently enrolled in the After Care Program. Any child picked up late more than once will be removed from the program with no refund.

School Closing – There will be no classes on scheduled holidays, half days or days on which school has been closed because of inclement weather.

Discipline – To be successful, the After School Enrichment Program needs to provide all participating students with a safe and pleasant environment. Accordingly, the Enrichment Committee reserves the right to remove a child from any class, on a temporary or permanent basis, for behavior that the instructor or the Committee determines to be inappropriate or destructive.



Brixology (Grades K-5): BRIXOLOGY sets the foundation for our next generation of makers! Kids learn about different types of engineering and then team up to construct a different engineering-themed project using LEGO® bricks. They learn about aerospace engineering while assembling a space station. They explore mechanical engineering as they build boats and vehicles. That’s not all, from carnival rides to drawing machines, mechanical animals to truss bridges; your future engineer will build upon their creativity to solve real-world design challenges, while developing their problem-solving and team-building skills. Let the tinkering begin.

Chess - Beginners (Grade K-2): Beginners will learn names of pieces, basic moves and develop chess skills, strategies and sportsmanship. Intermediate players will have some competitive play and therefore should have some prior knowledge of the chess pieces, their functions and game experience.

Chess - Mid/Advanced (Grades 3-8): Refresh of basic moves, develop chess skills, strategies and sportsmanship. Intermediate players will have some competitive play and therefore should have some prior knowledge of the chess pieces, their functions and game experience.

Fashion (Grades 1-8): Get ready to discover the designer in you with Hobby Quest’s ALL NEW Fashion Trends! Learn everything there is to know about sketching, designing and sewing NEW one-of-a-kind wearable pieces to show off to your friends! Join this program and become a top trendsetter in school, when you show off your fashionable creativity and individual style. You’ll even be able to create an accessory to go with your outfit, like a hair band or belt – all made just by you! Since one of the most important parts of being a fashion designer is showing off your designs, we’ll even have a runway show at the end of the session, where you can model your chic creations for your family and friends.  Get ready design world – here you come! Design it! Create it! Model it! Keep it!

Outragehiss Pets (Grades K-5): Have you ever wanted to see a chinchilla take a bath? Get close to a really big snake? Learn about all different kinds of animals, insects, and furry creatures and then meet them? This is the class for you! Each week, a trained professional from this wonderful company will present a selection of 6 -7 different animals. For the final class – you get to pick which animals you can see again!

PARENTS NOTE: Children with pet allergies should not take this class.



Magic Masters (Grades K-2): Abracadabra! You will be transformed when you learn to perform all new tricks this fall. The Disappearing Deck, 3 Magic Wands and Coin Increasing Bag are just a few of the astounding tricks you will learn during this exciting program. You will experience amazing fun when you learn the secrets of these jaw-dropping illusions. Once you’ve transformed into a Magical Master, you’ll get to share your new skills with friends and family in a real magic show at your school…and keep all the tricks! It’s Magical! Learn it! Perform it! Keep it

Shockingly Sticky Science (Grades K-6): In Shockingly Sticky Science, your child will learn Watts-Up with electricity and build their own static tubes, learn the marvels of magnets in Magnetic Magic as they construct their own Magnet Maze, and get sticky with polymers while we stretch it out with slime! We will explore all of our senses in Tantalizing Taste as we create our own soda pop; they will use their ears in Sonic Sounds and take home a very cool sonic horn! Don’t look now...or well ... actually do look, as we use our eyes in Optical Illusions and create their own periscope. Just when they thought they’ve had all of the awesome science they can handle, its time for Lights...Color...ACTION!! as we create indoor fireworks and lighten things up with fantastic lights and color displays, and as a grand finale to this amazing program the kids will learn all about heat and get to make their own cotton candy to eat!! This program promises to be educational and entertaining, so don’t miss out on Shockingly Sticky Science!!!!